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Buying A Second Home vs Repaying The Present Home Loan

Chapter #7 of Digital Loan Series by WhatsLoan

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You have come a long way through all our chapters. And, we see there is a lot more to learn, to share and to clarify. In this chapter #7, we are focusing on the pros and cons of buying a second home while you’re still repaying the present home loan.

People who are well aware about the real estate industry and know how to capitalize one home after the other and these people often plan a better way. But people who are still new to this whole game do find certain misconceptions.

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We are here to clear it out and guide you with all best possible options. You may think of buying a second home if you have got good bonus, or have got a new client payment, or have got a good pending payment. But what if you already have a running home loan? What all should you calculate before to choose your best option?

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Don’t Buy The Second Home:

1. If you are paying heavy interest on your present home loan

If yes, there is no point in multiplying your payments. You should better clear off your debts in such a case.

2. If you are following Pre-EMI payments and not the EMI payment

Pre-EMI payments allows you to pay only the interest and thus end up doubling your cost of property. EMI payments allows you to pay for the interest as well as the principal amount. In such a case, consider paying off whatever you can and reduce your pre-emi.

3. If you are on a flexible rate of interest and the interest rate is increasing

Opt-in for repaying maximum of your present home loan. Or, you can also consider switching to another home loan scheme where you can find lower interest rate.

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Buy A Second Home If Any Of The Following Is True

1. If your home loan is under subsidy scheme from your builder

If this is the case, ignore paying the interest till you have this provision. If you are paying the interest which is due on any third party, you are not helping yourself. Instead use that money to buy a second home.

2. If you are buying a ready to move in house

This will help you in generating revenues from the first day if you put it on rent or help you in paying off your EMI through rent. It will also help you if you move in immediately and stop paying your present rent expense.

3. If you have sufficient planned money for this house

If you are again opting in for a second home loan to consider this house, then re-calculate your financial goals for next 5 years. And, if you have planned well, then go ahead.

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